LunarX exclusively for Windows Phone

The Mayan's may have not predicted the end of the world. But they're gone and we're still here. Let's celebrate by playing LunarX. Pretend the end of the world is fast approaching while you escape and look for a new home on the moon!

LunarX Success

We're hoping InProcessOut will take off the same way LunarX has done. Within only a couple months LunarX Free has moved to the top of the Best Rated...

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Everyone loves LunarX

Like LunarX on Facebook and and stay up to date on new content and updates. Get hints, sneak peeks, and ask for help (if you need it)...


The guy behind InProcessOut

Josh Ingram is a jack of all trades. He has explored many avenues of design before becoming a game developer. See his work before InProcessOut...

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